Running Club

Riley was so excited that Running Club started today at school!!  We had to get to school by 7:15am for her to participate from the beginning.  Not a problem as we're always out the door around 6:50am anyway.  We were a few minutes early so we walked around the school after parking.

Riley was so excited!!!  Madi wasn't going to do it, but after seeing that you can earn rewards (feet on a chain!  very cool!), she decided to run too.

I left the girls to go get my room ready.  Riley came into the room with flushed cheeks and said she loved it!  I had her eat a granola bar.  She told me that she ran three laps - almost a full mile.  Crazy girl!!  Madi came in almost ten minutes after Riley and had also done three laps.  Madi told me that she was exhausted.  Riley told me she loved it.  Both girls are looking forward to it again soon!

As we left my room to go to class/teacher's lounge, one of the sweetest fourth grade students - Marian - saw Riley and said "There's that Superstar!  You were awesome!  Can I have a hug?"  Riley gave her a hug while the girl told her that she did a great job.  Riley was very thankful and said bye to her.  It was super cute.

Riley's chin is still incredibly deep purple and somewhat red today.  Praying that it clears up in the next few weeks.  Was quite the injury on Monday!

Julia was very whiny.  She woke up last night at 3am so both Jeremy and I were up with her.  I ended up sleeping with her.  She was such a doll, but it took a long, long time to get her back to sleep.  She was sweet, but we were very tired this morning.

Madi has a sleepover at Elizabeth's house tomorrow, a date at my parents' house on Saturday and a fun day with Grammy planned for Sunday - quite the weekend!

Plus the girls don't have school on Monday.  I have teacher inservice, but they'll get to sleep in.  Everyone except Julia and Jeremy and I.

Looking forward to a great weekend!!

Ready to go!!  Riley and Madi both did three laps - 3/4 of a mile!


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