Hide and Seek

Later in the day we played Hide and Seek.  The girls all love this game and we've played it quite a few times more recently.  Julia only counts to three and very quickly so you have practically no time to hide.  Then she yells "I find you!" and laughs.  Riley doesn't like to count because she's afraid she won't find us and fears that she'll feel bad if she doesn't find us well or that she'll be alone.  So that leaves Madi and I to count for the most part.  The girls have some really cool hiding places.  Under beds.  In cabinets in the bathroom - Madi hid under the sink in their bathroom today!!

I went in our room after counting to ten and saw that the hair dryer was in the bin in the middle of the floor.  So I opened the cabinet to find Riley inside.  She got out and I looked in our closet and she said "No one is in there."  So we go to walk out and she points at Jeremy's cabinets in the bathroom.  I open the door and Madi is inside.  Madi gets out and says very kindly "Thanks for not telling where I was Riley!"  And Riley says "You're welcome.  I just pointed."  Madi was like "What?!  You told on me?"  Riley started laughing when she realized that Madi figured out that she'd told with her hand.  We all laughed hard about that one.


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