Pictures That Tell a Story

The girls found some of my old pics when I was a girl.  A few of them were of my first day in Kindergarten.  I wore a dress with brown Mary Janes and two ponytails.  My left eye was totally swollen from touching mac and cheese and then touching my eye.

Riley has had several pictures lately that are very similar.  She fell at a friend's house when she was running after her friend Biza and leaned forward to catch the truck she was driving around in.  She missed the truck and fell face forward onto the ceramic tile.  Totally bruised her chin terribly.

Riley kept saying she looked like she had a beard.  And of course, it was right before picture day!  She handled it well and we're very curious to see how the pictures turned out.  It took two solid weeks to heal and still has a little bit of pink on the underside but looks so much better!

The day after it had healed well, she went outside for running club in the morning.  She was on her way back from the first lap.  Tripped over her own feet and fell on the concrete.  Hands had some small scrapes, but she somehow managed to scrape the entire length of her nose and the tip of her nose.  So now she has cuts and scrapes down it and it's been four days of it so far.

We are planning to go to the Arboretum tomorrow.  Our annual pumpkin patch trip!  Riley told me last night that she didn't want anyone taking any pictures.  "Mom, noone can take pictures of me.  Then I'll be embarrassed and they will send them to AFV or something.  So no pictures."  I had to explain that we were taking pictures for good memories - not for America's Funniest Video show.  So she's ok with it now.


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