Red Ribbon Week

At school, we had Red Ribbon week.  Each day had a theme.  On Tuesday, it was wear your favorite team jersey.  Riley and I both had Mavericks jerseys that we bought when she was really little.  I gave Madi one of my Cowboys tshirts to wear.

We participated in as many as we could.  The girls especially had fun on the Fun Run Day on Thursday.  The whole school walked half a mile to the lake behind the fire truck and police cars.  They ran/walked for 45 minutes and then walked back to school.  The girls had a cookout lunch outside and then a regular school day in the afternoon.  It is always such a fun day!!

Riley started off the day not feeling well.  She said her stomach hurt and she was convinced she was going to be sick.  Her friend Kiah had spent time with us after school and when she left the room, she threw up.  So Riley was convinced she was also sick.  She didn't feel feverish and I took her to the bathroom where she sat by the toilet and thought she was going to get sick.  Instead she went potty and her belly felt so much better.

It was great to be able to walk down with her class and help with the kids and to be with her.  Madi was with her friends up ahead of us a long ways up and had fun with them!  Riley never did get sick and as the day went on, she was so glad she didn't miss out on such a fun day.  Overall it was a great day!!

Walking to the lake!

Ms. E leading the troops!

Ready for Fun Run 2012!

Riley and her good friend Madi

Cute Cousins!

Riley and her best friend Peyton

Team Jersey Day - Go Mavericks!!


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