First Playdate with School Friend!

It was all Riley has talked about all weekend!  She had a playdate after school today with her friend Biza.  Biza is this adorable little girl in her class.  Very sweet and very smart.  Her mom and I have known each other for several years as I had her son in my class about three-four years ago.

We talked when I had morning duty and then it worked really well that Riley was able to spend time with Biza at her house after school while I had choir.  The girls had a great time!  Riley had a donut, crackers, fruit and juice and milk.  She was in heaven!!!  She got to play with her friend and her sisters and was so excited about the whole event.

As we were about to leave, Biza was riding a little car around.  Riley had pushed her for a little while and went to catch up and reached forward to catch the car on the back to push, but missed and fell forward.  I thought that she caught herself with her hands, but she bumped her chin on the tile floor.  She started crying and I had her lie down so I could check for her teeth and gums and blood.  Thankfully she was fine other than a rather large bruiser on her chin.  Biza's mom got ice in a bag and Riley held it on it.  Biza was very upset and sad that her friend was hurt and felt bad.  Riley gave Biza a hug and was fine - hurt physically but fine.

We got in the car and headed home after picking up Julia.  When we were home, Riley watched tv and relaxed with some new ice.  She never complained about it and handled it wonderfully.  She did ask a few times "how does my chin look?"  To which I replied "a little purple!"  I joked with Jeremy that her new nickname could be Jay Leno as her chin looked a little longer :)

I asked Riley later if she was mad at Biza or ok.  She said that she knew it wasn't Biza's fault and that she wasn't mad at her at all.  I just wanted to make sure that there wasn't any misplaced blame and that Riley understood it was all just something that happened.  She fell and that accidents happen like that.  Riley was very understanding and sweet about it.

Biza's mom called tonight to check on Riley which I thought was incredibly sweet and caring of her.  We're looking forward to the next time the girls get to play together!  I love that they clicked and get along so well!


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