Peaceful Friday

The weather was absolutely gorgeous today!  Last night I ran 1.59 miles in 18 minutes.  Was super excited about that!!  Loving that running is coming so much easier again and that  it's so relaxing and feels so great.  Can't wait for the 5K next Saturday!

After school today, I dropped Madi off at her friend Elizabeth's house for a sleepover.  Then talked to my parents and met up at their house with the girls.  We played a little bit and then headed to Buca to meet Jeremy.

At Buca, the girls love to shake the parmesan cheese container.  Julia got it and set it next to her while she said "I keep it by me."  We went to the bathroom and came back and my dad had the parmesan cheese.  She pumped her arms while she said "You take my cheese!" (or something like that)  Was hilarious.  The girls were both incredibly well behaved and quite quiet the entire time.  Amazing.

Then Jeremy went home to get things ready for the girls - humidifiers - and I had to go get my car at my parents' house.  The girls wanted to color and went upstairs to watch part of a movie so I called Jeremy to let him know.  All was good.

Riley chose Thumbelina.  The girls each had their space to color their pages and they were incredibly sweet.  I brought them back home and we got them ready for bed.

Riley wanted to borrow Julia's bear, but Julia really wanted it so she gave Riley her most favorite bunny that she sleeps with every night.  We explained to Riley that she gave her the most precious thing in her room and her favorite stuffed animal ever.  It was her way of showing Riley that she wanted her to have her best.  I said "It would be like if you gave her McKenna because she is your favorite."  Riley took off to her room and came back with McKenna.  She goes "I had a good thought about it and I want her to sleep with McKenna tonight."  Julia didn't want it and I was shocked she'd bring it to her.  So we propped McKenna up on the bench and Riley then went and got her favorite toy that she'd been playing with most of the night and said "Here.  I want Julia to have it too."  I love her heart.  So incredibly sweet.

The girls hugged after Julia said "I want my big sister!"  Said goodnight and were off to bed.  Julia went down so easily and I would have fallen asleep had I not been determined to stay up a little longer :)  She looked so beautiful resting in her bed.

Looking forward to cooler weather tomorrow and a really wonderful and restful weekend!


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