First Report Card!!

Riley had her first report card sent home on Friday.  I had checked a few of her marks online, but had not looked through all of it.  It was really quite incredible how they marked her and were able to show exactly what she is able to do up to this point.  So proud of our little girl!

She received many "D's" which mean that she has developed that skill to the level expected at the END of Kindergarten!  She recognized all 26 lower case and 26 upper case letters.  Recognized 24 out of 26 letter sounds (mixed up A and U sounds).

She identified numbers 1-20 and was able to show quantity for 15 of them.

The most interesting part was seeing the stages of writing.  There are six stages:  Scribbling, drawing pictures, random letters, labeling with sounds or words on a picture, repetitive strings of letters and writing simple sentences such as "mi mom is nic."  She is on stage six.  She loves to write sentences and create books and has so much fun drawing.  Hoping her love of this continues!

The other thing that stood out were her learning skills grades which were also "D's."  Taking turns, following directions, completing work on time, organization, positive attitude, speaking clearly and appropriately, and being attentive to speakers.

She had grades of "M's" in music, gym and art behavior/participation (means meeting expectations).  She had a grade of "S" (still developing) in science.  And an "E" in art skills and concepts (which means exceeding expectations).

No tardies or absences.  So very proud of our little girl!!!


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