Day Off

The girls had today off since we had teacher inservice all day long.  Poppi and Grammy spent the night so that they could watch the girls.  Total blessing!!!  They had a good day together and then I came home to find dinner cooking and smelling delicious.  Another blessing.  Jeremy got home and we all ate together.  It was such a fun night!!

After dinner, Jeremy got Julia showered and Madi went in her room to read and get ready for tomorrow.  Madi had already taken a shower and was ready for bed.  I was going out for a run, but Riley really really wanted to come with me so I told her she could.  She and I got ready and went outside.  It was beautiful weather!  A little crisp but lovely.

Man - can that girl run!!!  I tried several times to speed up and catch her, but had trouble doing it.  We did intervals of running and walking.  We ran all the way to the park and went swinging for a while.

Riley's friend Nikki helped show her how to pump her legs on the swing and what to do to swing.  We had helped her with it a little bit, but Nikki really helped Riley learn how to do it well!  Riley got on the swing and started pumping away and just kept going.  It's crazy.  She has become so good at swinging by herself.  I am just amazed.

We then got off the swings and she went down the slide - as soon as I sat at the bottom so she could run into me :)  We went for the rest of the run.  Then I helped her onto our tree out front so she could swing on the branch a few times before we went inside.

Total we ran was 1.2 miles.  She fell asleep quite fast tonight and can't wait to do running club in the morning!!  She's excited about it.


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