A Normal Day Here at the Grant's House

Today was really good.  Can't believe we're already in October!!!  And absolutely loving the weather outside!!!  So nice to not be in the 100s!

Riley had a great day at school.  She said one girl asked about her chin and she was ok with it.  She told her that she bumped it at Biza's house and the girl didn't ask anything else.  Poor thing - it is such a huge purple blob on her chin.  She's really handling it very well.

Julia didn't bite anyone today so it was definitely a success :)  She had a great day and was so incredibly sweet.  Kept saying thank you and you're welcome.

Madi was able to talk to the counselor at school today for about half an hour and it went well.  She enjoyed her time with her and is hoping to talk to her more.  She had a really good day.

We were doing awesome on time tonight.  Until we finished dinner and Julia was lying down looking at pics on my phone.  She grabbed her pants and said she had to go potty.  So I walked her over to the potty and quickly pulled down her pants and sat her on the potty.  Then noticed that she had already started to poop and I had now made a total mess by not waiting to notice if she had already done anything.  She was distraught about having poop all over her legs.  And now everywhere on the seat, her clothes, etc.  Ugh - not fun.  So I got her off the toilet and then wiped what I could.  Took her upstairs and gave her a shower.

Riley and Madi found it hilarious and Madi took my phone to videotape her while the girls were giggling.  Will definitely be a great video for her pre-wedding bash?!  Or just good blackmail anyway.

Then went downstairs to fully clean the bathroom where it had been affected.  And then start a new load of laundry.

Not much later, Riley had to go potty and Julia decided to go in with her.  And while she was with Riley, she finished the job of pooping - in her pants again!!  And then managed to sit herself on the toilet and getting it all over the same bathroom again.  Ugh!!!  So again, I took her upstairs and gave her a second shower.

Hoping this doesn't become the trend!

I then put Julia down and we laid down together and sang songs and prayed.  Julia prayed "Thank you God for Riley, Madi, Grandma, Grandpa, Poppi, Grammy, Daddy and Mommy.  Amen!"  I told her "Ah - that was so sweet Jules!"  She replied with "Thanks Mom!"

Mom??  When did I lose the name of Mommy??  To become Mom?  Our little Julia is getting to be such a big girl!!


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