Boo Pumpkins

We had quite the cold front come in today.  High in the low 50s - felt amazing!!!  Loved the cooler weather.  Pinterest has had some really cute ideas for decorating.  Being that we're on a tight budget, I was hoping to do some decorating and fun activities with the kids, but knew it would have to be cheap.

Pinterest had some interesting sites about ideas for pumpkins.  One of my favorites was using buttons glued to pumpkins to write a word and adding a ribbon.  So simple!  Something that Riley and Julia could both do.  So I got the materials:

2 - large pumpkins $3.88 each
1 - roll of black polka dot ribbon $2
1 - Elmer's glue (already had)
tons of little buttons $2
1 - can of hairspray (already had)

Total cost was around $10

1 - Clean pumpkin.
2 - Print out the letters to the word BOO on Word using font I wanted.  Cut out the letters and trace them with pencil on the pumpkin in the location where I wanted them.
3 -  Fill bowls with tons of little black buttons.  Put glue where I want the buttons.  Let the girls decorate them!
4 - Let them dry with words facing up.  Then spray with hairspray to help adhere letter to pumpkin no matter what the weather might do outside!
5 - Hammer in a nail through the bow to keep it from blowing away outside.
6 - Place on top of planters outside to decorate the walkway.

So easy!!  The girls LOVED it and were so proud of their creations.
Excited about their pumpkins!!

Pumpkin Fun!

Final Creation!


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