Purple Chin

Riley had a good day today.  I talked with her teacher because Mrs. E came to me to talk about her chin.  It is quite the sight!  Very purple and large and very noticeable.  All the kids were asking questions about it and Riley didn't want to talk about it.  She's very aware of it and very shy about it and sad about how it looks.

Tonight we were going to skip having her take a shower as it was late, but she asked me if she could take one so I could do her hair in a ponytail.  So I told her that I'd give her one.  She looked at herself in the mirror and got a very sad face and said "Oh no.  I look like I have a beard."  And then started bawling.  I gave her a huge hug and told her I was sorry that she had a purple chin.  That thankfully, God made our skin to heal and that it wouldn't be purple forever.  And she said that kids kept staring at her and asking questions, but she was too embarrassed to answer them.  We talked about how sometimes sad things happen and that God can use these sad things to help us help others and to understand others.  And also to teach us that no matter what, we are still loved.  I told her that her friends, her family and God still love her - purple chin and all.  She smiled and then cried some more.

She doesn't want to go to school tomorrow.  I just hugged her and said that I understood how that feels.  That I've felt that way before.  And that it is something she will be doing, but that it was going to work out just fine.  That her friends would still be her friends.  And that it is ok to tell them how she got it.

Riley was so tired and fell asleep really fast tonight.  The devotion that she picked out was about dolphins and how dolphins help other dolphins that are hurt or sad.  That without good friends, that dolphins who were hurt wouldn't survive.  We talked about good friends and hugged for a while.  Then lay down and snuggled together.  It was very sweet.  She called out "I love you Mom!  Good night!" as I left and I responded with "I love you too Riley!  Good night sweet girl!"

So sad to see her so sad about her chin.  Looking forward to it healing very quickly!


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