Big Sister

Julia has been asking for her big sister several times tonight.  Riley went with Grandma and Grandpa for a sleepover.  I thanked them for accepting her invitation to their house.  She called to talk to them while I was giving piano lessons to a student.  I had told her that she could not have snacks before dinner and she was sad.  So she (unbeknownst to me) invited herself over to their house to sleepover.  And they graciously said yes!  Of course, they love their time with her and were excited about it too.

Riley packed all of her things last night as soon as the phone call ended.  She thought of pretty much everything and I packed the remaining missing items.  She had her rolling suitcase ready with a sleeping bag and tons of books.  "After all, I will have a lot to read!"

Today we got home from school and Riley started wheeling it around.  Then Julia wanted to touch it and they were pulling so I had Riley take it back to the wall in the kitchen where it could stay there without moving everywhere.  So Riley sat down in front of it on the ceramic tile and said she would stay there and draw until they came to pick her up.  Almost 45 minutes later they came and true to her word - she was still there.

She told Julia "Goodbye!  I'm sorry I have to leave you but I'm so excited!! AHHHHH!!  A sleepover!!!!!  Love you Jules!  Bye!!!"  I'm sure that really made Julia feel so much better ;)

Julia was crying as she left and kept saying "I want my big sister!!"  We sat down and watched Dora and then some Boz.  While watching Boz, she said "I miss my big sister." So I asked if she would like to call them.  We put the phone on speaker and Julia talked to Grandma for a little bit until I told her to ask for Riley.

The girls were so cute on the phone!!  Julia would say 'I love you!' and Riley would say "Oh Jules!!!  You're SOO sweet!  Thank you.  I love you too!  Good night!"  and then we'd all take turns saying good night.

So precious.


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