Yummy Chocolate

The P90x3 workouts are going great!  I was in the middle of 'The Warrior' while the girls were playing in the playroom (or so I thought).  They'd been there for about 15 minutes and I had been listening to them talking with their dolls.

Julia walks into the room and her bottom lip is covered in chocolate.

Me:  Hey Jules - did you eat some chocolate?

Julia:  Yes.

Me:  What did you eat?

Julia:  (shows me the bowl of chocolates that she brought up as Poppi and Grammy bought her delicious chocolates for her birthday - she loves them!)  I just had two.  And I telling you dah truth!

Me:  Ok - so how many did you have?

Julia:  I don't know.  Just a few.  I tell you the truth.

Me: Ok.  Well no more.

After finishing the workout, I walk downstairs for more water and to get dinner started.

Me:  Where is the chocolate box?

Julia:  I threw it away!

Me:  (opening the trash and finding the box on top)  Um  Julia... how many did you eat?

It was obvious she had a few as the remaining chocolates were so few.

Julia:  I had four... because I am four!

Sure enough she had.


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