Another Tooth Gone

Riley's front top tooth has been hanging on for what seems like forever!  Mrs. Townzen told her this morning "Riley, it just needs to come out!  Come on - you can do it!"  Riley smiled but wanted it to stay in.

Tonight it was barely hanging on.  I gave her a shower and then looked at it.  Then asked if I could help her out.  I wiggled it and pushed it back a little until it started to bleed a little.  Then wiggled just a little more.  Didn't take much and it was completely out.

Riley has the most adorable toothless smile now!  I love it.

Bianca, her tooth fairy, will be busy at work bringing her $ for the tooth tonight.  Jeremy and Riley cleaned and dried the tooth and then Riley wrote the sweetest note to the tooth fairy:

Dear Beanca:

The tooth is clean and dry.

Love, Riley


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