Birthday Planning

Julia turns four in two weeks.  She is very excited and wants to do something with friends, but we're not quite sure what kind of party.  Wanting to keep it small and simple as she is still so young.  Plus she wants the American Girl Doll of the Year and a Barbie house (which I found plans to make on the Ana White site - amazing!).  Thinking those will both MORE than be enough - whether we do one of them or both.  If we go along with Riley's party that she wants, Julia can invite a friend to do this with her and have a joint party.

Dollhouse Plans

Riley's birthday party will be soon after Julia's as they are only six weeks apart.  She really wanted to do a party at the Chef's Academy in Frisco.  The cost is $375 plus extras and that's more than we really want to spend.  We did a big class party last year at her gymnastics place which was a lot of fun, but are hoping to keep it less expensive this year.

I've been keeping my eyes out for something creative and fun and something that matches what she likes to do.  Thinking I have found a great idea for a party - now to get Jeremy and my parents on board as we'll need all of their help in several ways.  My dad and Jeremy helping with the drilling and my mom and I helping with the sewing of the pillows and covers.  There are parts that can be preassembled so that there is minimum amount of work left to do.  My mom, Riley and I can go ahead and build the mattresses so that they are all the same.  Get scraps of fabric so each girl can choose their bedding and pillow fabric (have two or three choices - too many choices and they'll want everything and won't be able to decide;  only one choice and they might not like the option).

Here's the idea:

A Sew-and-Build Birthday for you and your doll

American Girl Doll Bed - cost of wood - $3 per bed
American Girl Doll Pillow and Comforter set - $2 per bed **Pattern included in the Mattress Pattern**
American Girl Doll Mattress - $2 per bed

Total cost will be about $7 per friend invited to the party.  She can invite ten friends and the party will be right around $100 with cake and ice cream.  Thinking that will be a lot of fun!  Plus the girls will have activities and gifts built into the party that they can use at home with their dolls.

We will need to get a small hand drill - Drill at Lowe's.  This is the one used in the Ana White video by her four year old.  There will be costs including screws, buttons, stuffing for the mattress.  Should be minimal.

Riley really wants to build the bunkbed or the loft bed for the dolls as does Julia.  Thinking that'd be fun for them!  Of course there is the horse stall as well... could really get crazy with this stuff!

Not to mention that all the cutting and sawing is left to Jeremy and my Dad unless they'll let me help too...thinking probably not after the damage I've done in the past trying to nail a fence together (ended up putting the nail through my wrist on the side) and trying to hook up the dryer on my own (burned through the plastic wrapping and ruined the cord and left a streak of black across the back wall of the laundry room - apparently you have to plug it into the dryer before the socket.  Jeremy says I'm lucky to be alive!).  Though woodworking sounds fun... :)


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