Looking at Daycares

The last few weeks have been full of tough mornings.  Julia has cried about not wanting to go to school.  She has been talking about how mean another girl is being and how she wonders if the girl will be there.  When I drop her off, she screams and kicks and has a lot of trouble letting go.

So we decided to look at other options.  I contacted a mom at school that has an in-home daycare.  Her place is fantastic, safe and the kids are well-cared for.  However, I have to be at work by 7:30 and can't drop her off until 7:15 which leaves no room for error in morning routines.  And there are definitely going to be days that don't go well in the morning.  The other thing is that it's only open until 5:15pm and we have to have daycare until 6:15 some days.  So that's a no.

Looked at another daycare today as well.  The name is "Kids Count Too."  Heard lots of great things about it and the people are friendly.  The girls and I walked around and saw the classrooms.  Very neat and clean.  However, it just didn't seem like it was the right place for us.  Honestly not sure what to call that except a mom's intuition and God's voice.

As we were leaving, Julia started to cry because she was hungry.  I told her we'd get food at home.  When we got in the car, she then announced "And they didn't even count!  None of the kids counted."  Riley then says "Maybe they do that in the mornings."

Apparently Julia was expecting to go in and hear lots of numbers and kids reciting their counting skills.  Never occurred to me to explain the name of the school!


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