First Place!

Riley and her small team (there were only three of them there today) won First Place for Small Team at their gymnastics competition today!!  We woke up at 5:30am and I got her showered, hair done, leotard on and uniform.  Jeremy drove her to the competition in Sulphur Springs about an hour and a half away.

She did a great job today!  Her vault is still a struggle.  She got a 6.0 on it.  Beam and Floor were fabulous at 8.8 and 8.7.  Bars were a 7.3.  Having just recovered from double flu, it's been tough for her to build back up her strength.  Considering she missed a week and a half of practice recently, she did an amazing job regaining strength to compete.  So proud of her!!!!

Jeremy then took her to eat fish at Long John Silver's before returning home.  Julia and I went grocery shopping and watched a Barbie movie.  She has a bad cough and my throat was feeling sore this morning so we just lounged.  Felt great.

Riley is amazing!


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