Julia's Birthday Weekend

Turning four ended up being a big deal this year!  It was going to be a simple thing - get a doll one day and go to the mall with her best friend Ariana to go on the carousel and get a build-a-bear followed by ice cream.  It's still simple, but this is day two of doing celebratory things and tomorrow is the ultimate birthday day as it's her actual birthday!

Yesterday I took the girls to the American Girl Doll store to get Julia her birthday gift - the Doll of the Year Isabelle.  They had tons of sales which is really rare and unheard of.  Several outfits for $14 and $17, dogs for $10, ski set for $32 and so on.  The girls ended up with a bunch of extras - tent, ski set, ski outfit, matching doll clothes, dogs, Isabelle dance outfits and Isabelle (the real reason we went there).  It has been doll city at the house as they girls are playing with the dolls from the moment they wake up to the moment they go to sleep.

Last night I put Julia down and when she fell asleep, her arm was around Isabelle.  She looked incredibly sweet.

Tonight we went out to eat at Maggiano's with Grandma and Grandpa.  She was surprised with a special birthday plate and lemon cookies with candles.  Julia loved it!  The singing was her favorite and her face lit up.

We went to the mall afterwards to buy the girls new shoes.  It has been a huge ordeal getting Julia to put on socks and shoes.  We've done a whole bunch of strategies (worth an entirely separate blog).  She has been talking a lot about Hello Kitty lately - not sure why - but she saw Hello Kitty shoes at the store, loved them, put them on and we were happy to buy them.  Riley found a cool blue pair of Saucony shoes (my favorite brand of running shoes) and we were also happy to buy those.  We've cleaned out the basket of shoes so that there are only four pairs in there now - two for each girl.  No more digging through tons of pairs to find which one they want to wear.  Limited choices, less decisions.


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