Easy Morning

After very difficult mornings this week, we attempted a try at an easy morning.  And succeeded.  The change?  Getting donuts!

On Thursday night, I told Julia that if she got dressed - clothes, socks and shoes (the sock issue has been major even with buying seamless ridiculously expensive socks from Stride Rite) and if she did it without throwing a fit, we'd get donuts in the morning.

She popped out of bed, got herself completely dressed - socks and shoes and all - and was ready in five minutes.  No joke.  No tears.  No kicking, hitting, spankings, time outs or exhaustion on our end either.

We got donuts and when we got in the car, she said "Now let's go home!"  She thought it was the weekend.  I told her it was Friday and her last day of school before spring break.  She was bummed, but still didn't cry or cling to me when I left her in the cafeteria.  All she said was "I don't want you to go."  I let her know that I'd pick her up after I taught the kids and she was just fine.

The wonder of donuts!


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