Let's Build Something

Thank you Home Depot, Lowe's and Ana-White.com for inspiring me to try out my handy-girl skills!  I decided to do a test run of making the doll beds for Riley's birthday party.  Of course it required work on my dad's end as he cut the boards and helped drill them!  So it wasn't all my doing by any means.  It was eye-opening to see that I was capable of doing something with wood and that I truly enjoyed it.  Now I have my eyes set on building our own dining table someday... seriously!  Thinking that kind of confidence is over my skill level, but would still love to try it someday!

Riley was thrilled to try out her new drill and enjoyed doing it.  She also helped to paint her bed (mostly by herself minus a few strokes which don't really count - so she did it herself), she hammered some nails into the sides of the bed and arranged it with the bedding.

Finished Product!

Riley picked out the bedding... great job Riley!
I sewed it together.  Wish it came in a King size ;)

Bed and mattress

Riley's doll bed on the left;
Julia's doll bed on the right.

It was a great experience.  My dad was more than generous to give of his time.  He said he didn't mind at all and was so sweet about it all.  We made one for Julia as well as she wouldn't want to be left out!

There was a lot of math involved which was neat to show Riley that math is used in things outside of school!  She was so happy and we all had a blast.  One of the best moments was watching Riley drill and seeing her face light up.

The beds turned out amazing!!  Thinking of trying out the horse stable and the bunkbeds as well.  All depends on if my Dad is up for cutting more wood and giving time to do them.  So fun!  I'd love to try my hand at cutting the wood too sometime and build my handy-girl skills!


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