And Life Comes Back

Back in my college years, I went to a friend's bridal shower in Ohio.  We had gone to high school together and had kept in touch now and again throughout college.  While at the shower, I met one of her friends who was vivacious, loud, and high energy.  She had red curly hair, glasses, her eyes squinted tightly whenever she smiled and her name was Tricia.

I met her again at the wedding where she was part of the wedding party and I sang at the beginning of the wedding.  She had just gotten married recently and was so excited about life in general.

A few years ago, I read a post on my friend's Facebook page that said something about praying for the Lott-Williford family.  For some reason this sparked a memory and I thought of the red haired girl.  I figured she probably had a Facebook page and found it only to read condolences and sadness at how her husband had passed away so suddenly.  She was only 31, she had two young boys and the story was so sad.

She had a blog linked to her page so I went to it and read her stories.  She had a great way with words and I read a few of them.  Throughout the past few years I've read her blog now and again to see what she was up to as she worked through her life as a widow, clinging to Jesus and then as she started working on her book.  Several times I'd cry while reading her posts and Jeremy would ask me "Why do you do this?  Why do you read such sad things when you know you'll just get sad?"  I read it because it was real.  It could very well have been me (or be me) and it was such a testimony of how God works through our hurts.

Her blog:

The original blog for her family can be found here:

When her book was released recently, I knew it was one that would be on my list to read.  I got it yesterday on my kindle, read it last night and finished it this morning.  A very fast read and while a sad story, a story filled with hope and touching stories.  I love how real she is about what happened, how her boys asked questions and how she answered them.  God is so good and so faithful to comfort the comfortless and heal the hurting.  Great book!


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