Atlas Shrugged

Author:  Ayn Rand
Pages:  1077 pages
Where to buy:  Amazon

Still reading the book.  A great read!  I love strong female characters and Dagny Taggart is no exception.

Update on March 20:
Has literally taken me the entire month of March to read this book.  I have really really loved it.  There were moments where it sped by and other points at which it seemed a little preachy.  But I love it.  At 87% and almost finished...

Great Quotes:

When Dagny is riding the train for the first time on the John Galt Line:
It was a strange foreshortening between sight and touch, she thought, between wish and fulfillment, between - the words clicked sharply in her mind after a startled stop - between spirit and body.
First, the vision - then the physical shape to express it.  First, the thought - then the purposeful motion down the straight line of a single track to a chosen goal.  Could one have any meaning without the other?  Wasn't it evil to wish without moving - or to move without aim?
**Goal setting at its finest! Vision and thoughts leading to physical exertion and purposeful motion toward the goal.

At 86% into the book - in the middle of a massively long speech by John Galt:
"You seek escape from pain.  We seek the achievement of happiness.  You exist for the sake of avoiding punishment.  We exist for the sake of earning rewards.  We exist for the sake of earning rewards.  Threats will not make us function;  fear is not our incentive.  It is not death that we wish to avoid, but life that we wish to live.

FINISHED!!!  Woo hoo!!  Finished the book this afternoon on March 23 (Julia's birthday) and so very excited to now be able to move on to read another book.  Really enjoyed it and many parts of it were fast paced.  There were also some slower paced areas.  The last 25% of the book seemed slower than the rest.  Especially the forever long speech by John Galt that lasts about 8% of the entire book in one LONG chapter.  Glad to have read it, but also glad to move on :)


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