Julia's Birthday List

Julia wants to list what she wants for her birthday like Riley does on the computer.

Here is her list (as she told them to me):

1.  Isabelle Doll
2.  A new "Frozen" book
3.  New vacuum
4.  Five more things...
5.  New pens
6.  New baggies with Hello Kitty on them
7.  New bookmarks for me
8.  Rainbow Looms for me... with Hello Kitty on them
9.  New cups with Hello Kitty of them

(not sure where this thing with Hello Kitty came from as we own zero things with Hello Kitty!)

Me:  Anything else?
Julia:  Ten things...

10.  New computers with STAR WARS on them!
11.  New cups with Hello Kitty on them
12.  One type of books - Dora books with Hello Kitty on them and stuff

Me:  Anything else?
Julia:  Um no... what do you want for your birthday?
Me:  Um... time with family.
Julia:  And beebers that we do in star wars?  That you would love.  And bikes for your birthday - dat would be fun!


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