March Spending

The honest answer for this month:  I almost didn't write everything down because I was/am embarrassed at how much I spent!!  Especially after being so restrained last month.  Yes, we had Spring Break, I got several presents for the girls' friends' birthday parties and we did crafts.  But that's no excuse.  The reason I spent money was because I spent it!  And I nickeled and dimed at the AG Store and ended up with a crazy amount of goods that the girls are LOVING.  It was hard to pass up $10 dogs and $14 outfits... in fact, it wasn't hard to pass it up because I chose not to pass it up and bought them.

Hoping this month ends soon (it's March 21 as I write this) just so I can have a fresh start.  Though I do realize a fresh start can begin now.  I don't have to wait to make changes.

March 1 -
Bath and Body Works Soap - 7 for $24 - Total was $25.98

Piano Music by Chad Lawson
2 Songs:  Nocturne in A Minor and Dance You Pretty - Total was $7.98

March 8 -
Art Craft Sketch book for Riley - $3.84
Unibal Pens (Whoa! Price was way higher than I realized as it was on the wrong hook in the store - grrr) - $5.47
36 count colored pencils for the girls - $5.97
Eczema cream Aveeno for my incredibly dry legs.  We need rain and humidity!  - $10.96

March 10 -
Headband holder from Hobby Lobby for Riley - $8.65
Socks for myself and Riley, matching St. Patrick's Day tshirts and hummus at Target- $40
Books for a friend and a new Bible (only $5!) for the girls from Mardel - $35.67

March 11 -
1x2 and 1x3 wood, pink Skil Drill and hardware to test out building an AG Doll bed - $55
Batting, fabric and ribbon for bed - $18

March 13 -
New gymnastics leotards (4) for Riley - $84.90

March 21 -
Expensive trip to the American Girl Store.  They had crazy markdowns on tons of outfits, dogs, tent, skis and winter items.  Bought Julia her doll Isabelle for her birthday and much more.  Birthday trip was a huge success and a big blow to the budget.  Total - $412.43

Target trip to get birthday gift for Riley's friend Kiah - $33

March 23 -
Build-a-Bear - $76
Dippin' Dots - $9
Carousel Rides - $5

March 24 - Stride Rite to get the girls some new shoes - $75

March 30 -
Joann Fabrics - $116
Fabric, foam and ribbon for Riley's party.  Getting everything sewed and ready!  Five weeks to make 10 bed covers, 10 dresses and 10 mattresses.  We can do this thing!

TOTAL FOR THE MONTH:  Too much...enough said.  April will be better.


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