Vacation 2013: New England

We had two vouchers toward airfare from our trip to Bermuda last year.  Jeremy has a tough time taking off work, Julia is still little and we weren't sure how she'd travel so that left Riley and me.  My mom took off a few days to spend with Julia and Jeremy took off the other days so he could be with Julia.  She loved the special time with them!

This vacation was very special because it gave me so much time with Riley, my dad, Jon and Allison.  We flew up to Boston last week on Wednesday morning.  Got up really early at 4:45am, took the 6:50am flight (perfect and on time) and arrived to a very humid and hot New England area!  They were experiencing a heat wave and it was quite hot!

Jon and Allison were awesome.  They were up for anything and very gracious and kind and patient.  We did something every day and it was a blast!!  Riley loved so many things on this trip.  Though I did find it really cute when she said that she missed Julia a lot and missed her home and her room.  The last full day we were there she was missing home a lot and enjoyed the day, but I could tell she was ready to just be home which is sweet too.

Here's a rundown of what we did:

Wednesday:  shop for groceries, went bowling (Riley scored in the high 70s on one of her games!)

Thursday: Went to the Wrentham Outlet Mall in Massachusetts.  Great stores!  Found Riley some cute earrings and a bathing suit which turned out to be very needed for Friday.

Friday: Spent time at the Scarborough Beach in Rhode Island.  Beautiful day!  Riley loved the waves until the last one when we were walking back to shore and a wave that was taller than her came over her back and head.  She blamed Grandpa.

Saturday:  SkyVenture Wind Tunnel in Nassau, New Hampshire!  Total blast!!!  Spent five minutes each inside the tunnel and it was so incredibly fun.  Riley did awesome!

Sunday:  Drove my dad to the airport and then spent the day at the Boston Museum of Science.  Really cool place!

Monday: Went to the Roger Williams Zoo in Providence.  Was a great place!  Had a play area for kids at the end and Riley spent tons of time on the rope swing.

Tuesday:  Shopping at the Providence Place Mall.  Found lots of bargains for the girls for back to school.  Too many bargains but they were so good it was hard not to take advantage of some of them!

Wednesday:  Allison drove us to the airport in Boston and we had an uneventful and easy flight home.  Riley did amazing on the flight in.  Her only worry was that Julia would only hug me and wouldn't hug her.  Turned out neither of us got hugs because we met them outside in the car!  The girls were giggly and sweet together.  Love our family!


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