I am trying to get all my materials ready for when I go back to work next month.  It will come fast so I like to spend parts of my summer getting new ideas and new materials ready so I don't have to work on them once school is back in session.

At Orff Level 1, we learned the coolest dance called "The Sword Dance."  Definitely want to teach it to my kids and have them perform it for their parents.  So I need to make swords.  They are made of yardsticks wrapped with silver tape and black electrical tape for the hilts.

One of the teachers of the Orff Levels is a coworker of mine at an elementary school in my district.  I figured I'd ask him a few questions to make sure I had the right materials so I made them correctly and they wouldn't fall apart or the tape rip off or whatever.  Couldn't quite picture the yardsticks we had used at the Orff Level so I asked him the following question on Facebook:

Hey Michael!  Getting ready for the sword dance with my kids and making some swords.  What kinds of tape do you use?  And what yardsticks do you use?  Do they come in different sizes?

I was thinking that yardsticks could be longer/thicker/thinner/shorter and didn't want to get the wrong ones.  He was gracious enough to write back:

Hey!  Well, I think that most yardsticks are about 36 inches in length.  Hahahaha.  I use silver spray paint and electrical tape.  Check at Home Depot first.

At this point, I realize that I had not thought through the entire thing as a YARDstick is a YARD in length!!!  So all yard sticks would be three ft. or 36 inches long and wouldn't be different sizes.  I laughed out loud and then wrote him back to thank him and for not making me feel totally inadequate in my measuring skills.  It was a good geometry lesson!


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