Fourth of July

Our Fourth of July was very low-key and very nice!!  Other than the fact that the girls were overtired and cranky and constantly arguing all day long.  First day all summer that they hit their wall of being together too much.  We've had a lot of late nights too and that hasn't helped at all either.

Went upstairs and felt that the air conditioner wasn't working.  And it's the newer unit.  Thankfully our A/C guy is so awesome and talked to Jeremy until they figured out what it was.  A frozen coil from overworking due to blocked filters.  We replaced our filters and turned it off for two hours.

There were fireworks going off in the distance so we just opened our bedroom window and sat with the night breeze blowing on us as we watched the fireworks.  It was fun!

My favorite part was that we could see neighbors across the street going in and out of their homes.  Whenever someone came outside, the girls yelled out "Hi!!!" or "Hey man!!"  Then they giggled like crazy as the person looked around trying to figure out who was calling to them.


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