A Trip to the Fire Station

This morning at 10am the girls and I went to our local fire station.  The girls had drawn pictures for the firemen and Riley had made a fire truck out of boxes and construction paper.  I made brownies.  We called ahead to make sure it was a good time to visit.

The girls were very excited!  They were able to meet some of the firemen and go into the large fire truck.  A fireman showed them all of the equipment and opened the doors so the girls could see all of their tools.  He told them a little bit about it.

Julia really wanted to go for a ride in the fire truck and was sad that they were only able to go inside and not actually go for a ride.  No tears; just disappointment.

The girls went inside the garage and were able to see all the uniforms hanging on the wall.  The fireman was very gracious and stood to talk to the girls.

When we gave the brownies, Julia got very moody and upset that we didn't get to take all the brownies home for ourselves.  I told her that we were giving them to the firemen to say thank you for all that they do for our community.  Her response was "I don't WANT to share!"

Each girl had one brownie and they both said thank you to the firemen and the woman at the front desk.


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