Raising Girls

Today is piano student day.  It means a lot of time spent occupying the girls while teaching kids piano!  They have lots of options and a basket full of treats to choose from when they get hungry.  They are usually very well behaved and I don't have any trouble with them at all!

They have been very tired of each other and getting on each others nerves the last few days.  They finally found something to do before piano students came which is good!  Unfortunately some of the things they chose to do were very messy!

Julia got into decorating again and unloaded the entire bin of perler beads - teeny tiny beads in many colors all over the entryway on the floor.  1000s of them.  Covering the floor and the carpet.  Riley found a teeny tiny 2" rubber cat to play with.  She decided that she wanted her hair cut really short so that she could give the cat her hair and turn her into Rapunzel.  When told she couldn't do that, she asked to use iPod headphones for the hair.  Another no.  I told her that she could use yarn and cut it for hair.  Riley chose the yarn and I made some hair.  Though she didn't like my version of yarn and wanted to make her own.


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