Last week Riley started on the Pre-Team at Sky High.  She has really loved it.  She has practices on Mondays from 3-5 and Wednesdays from 3-5:45.  Her practice yesterday ended up being from 3 to almost 6.  I got dinner between the girls lessons and Julia had her gymnastics lesson at 6.

Her coach couldn't be at the practice yesterday so she had a substitute (one of the coaches of the older girls' teams).  The coach wasn't totally sure where they were at and had them warm-up with another team:  the older high school age boys team.  There were only two girls at the practice:  Riley and Mea.

All the teams start out with running laps around the floor mat.  Arms rolls, runs, squats, stretches.  It was hilarious to see the two girls running laps with six really tall high school guys.  Riley and Mea started out running and even from where I was sitting, I could see in Riley's posture that she was out to win the race with the boys.

She had a running posture that showed she meant business and any time that the boy behind her sped up, she sped up and continued to run faster than him.  The boy kept looking back at his friend and then laughing a little bit as if to say 'can you believe this girl?!  she keeps going faster than me!'  I was chuckling out loud as I watched them and turned to Mea's Mom, Kris, to say "I think Riley is trying to beat them."  She smiled and laughed too.

After their long practice, I told Riley how proud I was of her and that I hoped she had fun.  She said that she loved it, but that it was hard work.  Then she said "We got to warm up with the boys!  I was determined to beat them!!  I saw them running and said 'I'm going to be the fastest one!' so I just kept running and when I saw them get close, I ran more.  Mea was behind me and she was slower than me.  And the boys were too.  I ran the fastest of all of them!"

So my assessment of her was accurate... determined, competitive, focused.  Those characteristics in her are definitely going to do her well in life in so many ways.


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