This morning Riley and Grandpa went to a Kids Home Depot Workshop where she was able to build a car from the movie Despicable Me 2.  They had a great time together!  Then I took her to her friend Ryan's party and we got home around 1:30pm.  She has such cute and sweet friends!!

After Julia and I took a nap, Jeremy was going to start grilling and the girls were restless again (overtired from their sleepover with Gma and Gpa) so I took them to Michaels (stickers rock!) and Joann Fabric for some fabric to make a cotton slip for some skirts I've made recently for myself.

The girls were very well-behaved.  McCall's had their patterns on sale for only $1!!  So we found some American Girl Doll patterns that work for their dolls and one pattern for a cute dress for Julia.  I paid at the end and thought the total sounded high, but figured we had bought some fabric so maybe I had miscalculated.  Should have looked at the receipt!

Got home and started to look through patterns after dinner only to find a pattern for a women's vest and jacket in the bag.  I checked the receipt and had paid $12 for it!!  Which is not something I would have done on purpose.

Julia had been laughing and putting things in the cart (especially the quilt squares - she loves those things!) and I kept pulling them out.  Apparently she had grabbed a pattern and put it in.  Hoping they will let me return it!!


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