Bedtime With Julia

Julia was in a hilarious mood tonight.  We said our goodnights to Jeremy and Riley.  He asked Riley to put her fanny down.  Then I said "Fanny - hahahaha" and the girls erupted in laughter.  I think we've found their new favorite word!

I took Julia into her room to read and then we lay down on her bed.  I asked if she wanted to pray so she said:

Thank you God for this day
(dfjkldsjfkdl - incoherent words)
Thank you for the girls coming over tomorrow
So that is the plan.
Thank you.

I kissed her and thanked her for praying and asked if I could pray.  She said "Oh!  Sure you can!"  So I started:

Thank you Jesus for Riley and Julia...

Julia interrupts with "No Mommy.  Don't pray for them.  Pray just like me."

So I start again:
Thank you God for this day
For our food and family we say

Julia interrupts:  "No, no.  You have to say 'Thank you for the girls.'

So I did my best to pray as she wanted me to without laughing all the times she interrupted.

Then I said "Good night!"  and she said "Good night."  "I love you!"  "I love you too!"

Julia sat up numerous times to say "Hey Mom! Mom!  Tomorrow the girls come over.  McKenzie be my favorite and Morgan and Peyton.  A new Peyton!! (we had a different Peyton over to play today)  And we going to play and it be fun!  You get your hair cut and then the girls come over.  Right?  So after your hair cut, the girls come here!"

I would say "Yes, it will be great" or whatever else to confirm it and then say "Good night!"

She's somewhat like an amnesia patient in that she forgets what she just said a minute ago and asks the same question over and over and over.  Cute at her age!

I finally told her that she needed to lay quietly and not talk or ask any more questions since it was so late.  She just said 'okay' and lay down again.

After a little while, she sits up and says:

"Mom... so... I just have one more question.  Not two more questions.  Not a lot of more questions.  Just one.  Okay?  So we go to your hair cut and then the girls come over.  Right Mom?"

I simply said "Yes Jules!  That's right."

Julia replies with "Thanks Mom.  It be very fun.  McKenzie be my favorite girl.  I will share with her tomorrow.  I will bring my doll and set her on the floor and then play with her with McKenzie."

**McKenzie is the name of her favorite dancer on the show 'So You Think You Can Dance' and since she loves the dancer, she loves her friend too - even though she doesn't really know who she is.

So I asked her to lay down and close her eyes.

She did for a few seconds before saying "Mom, little Jesus lives in my heart.  And big Jesus lives in my panties."  Ummm... She's still trying to figure out how they live in her.  I might have some explaining to do before she starts sharing all of this with others!  She keeps going:  "Little Jesus and Big Jesus be friends!  They live outside!!!"  And she bursts into barrels of laughs at the thought.

So I said "Well, no.  Little Jesus and Big Jesus are the same person, Jules.  Little Jesus grows bigger and becomes Big Jesus when he is older.  They are the same.  Just like when a little baby gets bigger and becomes a kid and then is older."

Julia just laughed and said "Okay!!!"

Got some work to do on the "Who is Jesus and Where does he live" part of her theology!!


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