Being an Easy Wife

Before going on our trip to Rhode Island, I thought I'd make it really easy on Jeremy as far as expectations for when I got home.  No need to read my mind or try to get a ton done around the house. I only had one request:  please unclog my bathroom sink.  We already had the unclogger stick (whatever it's really called).  Told him there was no need to do anything else.  Just unclog the sink.  Please.

We arrived back to the house after a week of being gone.  Jeremy had done the dishes.  He had also folded the laundry, but said he didn't know where the clothes went so they were still in the laundry bin. The bed was also made very neatly.  He asked if I noticed it because he spent a lot of time on it.  And it truly did look awesome!

I asked if he had unclogged the sink and he said "Doh!  That's what I forgot!"  In his efforts to try to think of all the things he could do to make things great when we got home, he forgot the only thing I had asked about.  And did a hundred more that I hadn't even thought would have gotten done.

Thinking that next time I'll make a really long list... :)


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