Nancy Drew

Riley and I finished reading the book "Judy Moody:  Girl Detective."  She refers to Nancy Drew often throughout the book so Riley decided she wanted to read a Nancy Drew book next.  I thought it might be too scary for her, but we thought it'd work if she read it during the day.

She's starting with the first book "The Secret of the Old Clock."  She read 31 pages on her own (we were so impressed with the large words she was able to read and figure out - Go Riley!!).  Tonight we read two chapters together.  She keeps saying things like "I feel it.  The mystery is coming." and "The mystery is getting close."

I told her that there might be some scary parts as each book has something mysterious.  I remembered one book has a ghost that is actually a person or shadow or something.  Riley responded with "That's fine.  I just picture the ghost in its underwear!"


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