Lessons to Teach

After the Er visit and experience of taking down the mirror on Tuesday, it has been eye-opening to hear what Julia and Riley have had to say about all that happened.

Mommy - don't go near mirrors!
I was sad.
I'm glad I wasn't in the room or I would have cut my hand too.
Is your hand ok now?
Can you rub my back... with your other hand?
Can I rub your arm?

There are several lessons to learn as a parent.  Obvious lessons to some, but ones that have made me really think.

1.  No home project is worth doing if it involves too much risk to yourself - especially if you are home alone with kids.
Wait until there are two adults in the house to tackle a project.  This probably goes without saying, but is a lesson I obviously needed to learn.

2.  Teach your children their phone number (both mom and dad cell numbers!), their address and any important allergy information.
I was always adamant about Riley learning our address and we've practiced this several times.  You can't predict when an accident will happen and she knew it when it was needed.  Same with my phone number.

3.  Teach your children how to dial 911 or emergency on the phone.
Again - so important!


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