Bathroom Redo Gone Bad

I decided today would be a good day to redo our downstairs bathroom.  Got joint compound and paint. Got home and down to work.  Took off a few things and then unhooked the mirror.  It was pretty well stuck to the wall.  Not going anywhere.  This should have been my red sign that I shouldnt have done anything more.  But i was determined.

I put down a blanket to cover the sink (not totally suer why).  BTW typinc with one finger on my RH is hard... ignore spelling for now please.  I got out a hammer and screwdriver.  Started to pry the mirror off the wall.  Really stupid decision.  Got excited when the mirror started to come off.  All i remember next is that it came down, shattered and i looked at my right hand to see that there was blood everywhere.  I felt very faint.  Didnlt want to get blood on the crapet so i leaped across the hallway and got blood om the kitchen tile.  The girsl were in teh front room dressed as ballerinas in leotards and tutus.  Tonight is Riley's first ballet and hip hop dance class!  They were playing so nicely.

I went to the sink to soak my finger and watched my skinmoving which let me know the cut was very deep.  And i thought i was going to faint.  I yelled to riley and asked her to dial 911.  Showed her with my foot where the phine was.  She had trouble doing my code (didn't think about doing the emergemncy button) and i was able to use my LH to get it and then  dial 911.  She was so amazing.

She knows our address and information.  Even shared with them my allergies and that we have no pets and other things.  As i was rinsing my hand, she came to tell me i needed to wrap it tight.  She got out a towel for me.

Couldn/'t get the door open so i quickly unlocked it and opened it.  Everything was going black so I laid down in the foyer next to the dining room.  Closed my eyes but let riley know i was resting but i was ok.  Stayed calm so the girls would stay calm.

Saw two fire trucks pull up.  Riley stayed on the phone and listened to everything they told her.

They bandaged my hand and asked if anyone could get the girls.  I explained that everyone was at work and jeremy would take some time.  they then said the girls could ride in the ambulance with me.  I asked them to go potty before we left.  Riley took care of Julia.  She got my purse, keys and i asked her to gather their ipads so theyd have something to do.

The firefighters cleaned up the blood and the glass from the mirror.  They weres so sweet with the girls.  One held julias hand and did plies and twirls to keep her happy.  Riley got to sit in the sideseat next to the fireman and julia sat in the jumpseat facing backward.  They were so happy to get a ride!!  I smiled often and let them know i was fine.  Julia skipped all the way into the ambulance.  it was a pretty exciting experience!

Once at the hospital, Riley got to push the buttons to let us all in.  i rode in the gurney and felt like an idiot for attempting the mirror.  Julia Danced with the firefighter into the hospital.  They were amazing with the girls.

Took my blood pressure and checked out my hand.  Each person that saw it said id definitely need stitches.  And thst i got it deep.

They took an xray to be sure there werent anyglass pieces in my hand and to check the bone.  As always, God was watching over me.  I had cut throught the sheath of the tendon and my tendon was ok!!  Total miracle it didnt go deeper.  The bone was ok too.  Doc stitched me up - six stitches total.  I have to go see a hand specialist to check on it just in case.  Got a big wrap to keep me from moving my fingers.  Numbing is wearing off.

So incredibly thankful for Riley in particular.  What ana amazing and brave little girl to help and take charge.  So thankful she knows our information - address, cell numbers and much more.  The drs were very impressed with all that she did today.  Sorry to put her through this and yet thankful to know she was able to do what was necessary in hard  times.

The gilrs got tons of smiles and comments on their beautiful leos and dance outfits.  Thankful that all was ok.  I kept it together until Jeremy met us at teh hospital.  Then I got teary and apologized for trying to do the bathroom redo.  He was so sweet and loving.  Never once made me feel bad.  I already felt bad enough and he was so gracious.

His advise:  if it involves tools, just don't do it.  Lesson learned... again.  Though I'm hoping I'm smart enough to not try this again!!


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