Hawaiian Falls

Today we went to Hawaiian Falls for four hours!  The girls and I went around noon (Madi is staying with us this week which has been super fun!) and we met up with her friend Elizabeth and Elizabeth's mom Diane.

Riley and Julia met up with their friends as well.  It was a hot and awesome day for water!

Julia's friend Samantha (Sam) is extremely outgoing and dare-devilish.  Not afraid of anything!  She wanted to go on a water slide and convinced Julia to try it.  Julia said she was scared as we climbed up, but Sam goes "It's SOOO fun!!!  I love it!"  So Julia did it!

She had to walk to the slide herself when it was her turn and then push herself a little ways in.  I saw her big smile as she went down.

We then went to go tell Riley about it (she was playing with a few of her school friends).  Riley wanted to go so the three of us went again.

When I met the girls at the bottom after they went down, they were both so happy!  They begged to do it again - so we did!

The girls each got an ice cream as we left and walked home.  They were totally worn out and happy.  What a great day!


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