Natural Talent

Riley started dance classes at a local studio on Tuesday nights for the summer.  She's enjoying it - taking ballet with a very very strict teacher and jazz with another teacher.  Riley wasn't sure she wanted to keep taking dance there and mentioned trying The Colony Dance as her friend Grace dances there and Riley loves Grace and admires her.

When she was two years old, she tried a class at The Colony.  She wasn't even potty trained and was taken aback by the high expectations and how loud Miss Robin was.  She refused to put her feet on either side of her dot so Miss Robin led her out of the room to me and told her she could come back when she was ready.  Riley was never ready to go back in and spent her time watching the kids and crying.  Honestly I wasn't sure that we'd ever try it again because I thought it might have been too hard an experience.  I was willing to let her try The Colony Dance again because I know Robin, taught her son for several years at school and figured that if she wanted to try it, then she must be ready to do it!

I could not be more thankful that we tried it again!!!

Riley is doing a dance camp this week from 10-12 every day with Miss Robin doing tap and jazz.  Robin has been amazed at her ability and talent.  She said she is a natural and will need to start at a higher level dance class due to her technique and ability.  

Julia and I have dropped Riley off at her class and then done other things.  Today I went to my bible study at church and Julia played with other kids.  We watch Riley perform the routine she is learning.  She's just blowing us away at how quick she picks up choreography and how musical she is in her dancing.  So proud!

This fall Riley will be doing dance instead of competitive gymnastics.  She is excited and eager to learn.  We're so happy that she has this opportunity!


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