Downstairs Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom was finished a few days ago.  And dare I say... it was all worth it!  (not financially... or physically to me... but definitely in the change of the bathroom)

Picked out a color that is called "Ripe Wheat."  It's a darker yellow.  The girls said it looks like pee on the wall.  So there you go.

I accented with burnt orange and brown.  Got a new rug and hand towels.  Then went to Kirkland's and found a mirror on sale for $16!!  YES!

It was so much fun using joint compound and figuring out how to texture walls.  It's truly so easy - if you don't break a mirror on your hand first like I did!  In fact, it turned out so beautiful that Jeremy said "Maybe we can do our master bath like this one of these days."  Which got me thinking that it'd be fun to do!  And inexpensive if I didn't get hurt!  So yesterday I peeled wallpaper and today I used joint compound on our upstairs Master Bath.  Looking forward to painting it tomorrow!!  I truly love transformations!!


AFTER (without mirror and decorations)


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