Left Hand

With the location of my stitches being under my pinkie and on top of my hand, I have to wear this brace that makes it hard to use my right hand.  Typing is fairly ok as i can use my entire LH and my pointer finger on my RH.

Jeremy told me that if I think something is a good idea to try, I shouldn't do it as it's probably not a good idea for me to do it.

Here are things I am good at doing with only my Left hand.

Be prepared to be impressed...

1.  Brush my teeth.
Try it.  It feels weird but works.

2.  Eat with a fork and spoon.
I have trouble pouring parmesan cheese into my food as I'm not used to how to angle it.  Thankful I can get the food into my mouth.

3.  Origami
Riley and I have spent time creating fun simple origami.  She thanked me that I could do that.  Julia keeps saying "You can get me water with... that hand!"

4. Puzzles

Things I can't do... this list is a LOT longer.  Amazing what I take for granted:

1.  Open my medicine bottles

2.  Push a stroller or grocery cart

3.  Take a shower normally

4.  Zip up my pants

5.  Make hot foods on the stove
Can't carry the heavy pot with water in it to the sink.  Tried.  Not interested in doing it again - felt very scary as I didn't want it to slip and then have a bad burn.

6.  Put on makeup

7.  Shave my left armpit
I'll be half European at the end of two weeks (kidding!)

8.  Write

9.  Many more...off to do origami and focus on what I can do!


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