Time with Julia

Riley had gymnastics today from 3:30 - 6:30 so after we dropped her off and watched for a bit, I was going to take Julia home to play.  She asked if we could go play together at her favorite doll store (Pottery Barn Kids) and as we had nothing else planned and she'd already had her nap, I told her 'Sure!'

We went on a ride on the carousel.  Julia told me not to hold her as she was a big girl and could do it herself. Then we played for the longest time at the store.  I have several events coming up in December and January that I will need a new dress for so I went to my favorite store Altar'd State and found two dresses that I love.  Julia was incredibly patient while I tried them on and gave her opinion on all of them.  "I like the red one, the black one.  NOT the brown one.  Dat one is not nice."  All of the sale dresses were 'Buy one, get one free.'  So I got two dresses for the price of one sale dress which was awesome.  Can't wait to wear them!

Jules is outgrowing her sweaters from last year and for some reason we don't seem to have hand-me-downs from Riley for this winter season.  Not quite sure where they all went.  We stopped by Hanna Andersson and the Gap as they were having a great sale.  The Gap had zip-up hoodies half off which was awesome.  Got her two to last the winter.  But had a somewhat sad revelation:  Julia no longer fits into the majority of clothes at the BabyGap store!

And it's not about shopping at that one store, but more the fact that she's really and truly not in the 'baby' section anymore.  She is such a petite thing, but is growing and she is closer to be into a 4T.  The Gap Kids starts at size 4-5 so things like pants are way too big still.  But for shirts, she is somewhat between stores.  We are truly almost out of the baby/toddler/preschooler phase.  She was so proud to get her new sweatshirt hoodies that she wore one walking out the store.


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