Rodriguez and Hernandez

Today was Arianna Hernandez' birthday party at Cosmic Jump - an indoor trampoline place. Julia was super excited to go as it was a party just for her!  Riley has lots of them to go to (one next weekend) so Julia was excited to go.

She ran everywhere and laughed tons.  Julia had a huge smile on her face through the entire party.

When it was time for cake, the girls all sat next to each other and couldn't wait to dive right in.  Julia always eats cupcakes by sticking the entire top of it into her face.  Apparently that is how Rodriguez eats her cupcake too.  The girls would take a bite and get frosting all over her mouth.  Then they'd stare at each other and laugh hysterically.  Then repeat again and again.  It was so cute.  Julia had yellow frosting and Arianna had blue frosting.  Cracked me up.

They immediately went back to the trampolines and jumped until it was time to go.


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