Trash cans rock!!!!

I had only one request for my birthday this year:  I wanted a new trashcan in our kitchen.  We've used the same one for almost ten years now and it drives me crazy.  The lid gets food all over it and swings around; the girls drop things in or put their hands in and get dirty; the lid drops inside the trash can often and you have to fish it out.

We've wanted a nice trash can for a long time, but other things have been more important and we didn't want to just settle for an okay trashcan that we would have felt the same way about.  Last year after my birthday I told Jeremy that the only thing I really really wanted when I turned 36 was a trash can.  And I got it!!!!

He surprised me last Monday with it.  I started jumping up and down.  The girls thought it was the most amazing thing in the world.  They are still putting their foot on the lever and watching the lid close gently.  Riley told me the next day that it was the best trash can in the whole world and that she loved it.

Such a blessing to have a nice item that we use non-stop everyday.  And so thankful to have gotten it so our whole family can use it.


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