In our traditional fashion, we went to the mall to see Santa today.  It is always much easier to go the week of Thanksgiving when I have time off with the girls.  Makes for short lines and ease of getting in and out.

The girls were really excited to go.  Riley asked if they could wear their elf pjs.  Of course!  Julia didn't want to wear hers and wanted to wear purple leggings, grey skirt, blue dora shirt and a very very small cardigan that was dark pink.  I told her that she could wear that in the car, but if she wanted to see Santa, she would have to put on her elf pjs.  Otherwise - no Santa.  (Actually it was all because it would have looked ridiculous to have one in elf pjs and the other in tons of crazy colors. Though it would have been an honest reflection of what they wanted to wear today.)

We drove to the mall which is all of 15 minutes away - tops.  A few minutes into the ride Julia asked "When are we going to be there?  It's taking too long!"  She definitely does not have patience when it comes to getting places.  She asked the same question on the way home too.

The girls wore their elf pjs into the mall and carried their Christmas Wish Lists as well as a pack of Nabisco chocolate chip cookies that Riley wanted to give to Santa.

They had a blast playing the fake snow as we waited and looking at the polar bear video and touching the cold ice.  It was quite humorous to watch families as they waited in the area with the fake snow.

Most parents were very stern-faced and doing everything they could to keep their kids out of the falling fake snow.  Parents rolled their eyes if their child dipped their head into it or got outright angry if they tossed some in the air onto themselves.  Comments like "Don't touch that!  Stay close to the side.  Come here now!  I need to fix your hair.  Bend over so I can get all of it out.  Ugh - ok so now let's comb it out.  We can't have you looking like this for the photo."  Some parents even shielded their two kids from getting near the snow and held them against the wall to make sure they were kept clean.

I'm sure the parents judged me along the way as well.  I knew there was snow.  That's why it's called the Snow Globe.  And I knew my kids were going to want to touch it, toss it and enjoy the 25 minutes we had to wait inside of it instead of standing doing nothing until their turn.  Apparently the other parents didn't expect this as they were so sour and grumpy about the whole thing.  I was quite a different parent and could see some of their eyes watching me now and again.

My girls went in and picked up the snow.  Touched it with their hands and gasp!  stood under where the snow falls down and held their hands up to feel it fall.  And it fell.  All over their hair, their clothes, their shoes.  They tossed some in the air.  Got close to me once, but I told them that many parents didn't want to get snow on themselves which is why they were all standing on the edge of the globe.  Told the girls to play in the center which they did.  The girls found it hilarious to pick up handfuls and just drop it on each other's heads.  Yes they were covered in fake snow and loving every second.

One little boy decided to make a snow angel in it and I thought his parents were going to erupt with anger.  He had a grand time doing it, but the parents were quite unhappy about it all.

The girls arrived to Santa with pure joy.  They gave him the cookies and their lists.  Julia shared that the only thing she wants is a "Jewee doll" (Julie doll - American Girl).  Riley asked Santa to take their lists to the North Pole, but he said that it would get there quicker if we took it home and mailed it to the elves as they would get it faster.  Riley didn't really share what she wanted.  She told me yesterday that she really isn't sure what she wants.  And that's true.  As the only thing she really desires is to have a real puppy.

They gave Santa hugs.  Julia petted his beard and the front of his suit.  They both smiled huge as we left and then Julia decided to sit on the floor and wouldn't move because she wanted to stay at the mall.  I told her that we had something special at home that Daddy had left us (cake from his work party) and that helped get her out the door.

We'll be sending the lists with Buddy to the North Pole and I'm sure he'll get the message to the right person as to what they both would like.


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