Visiting the Vet

Riley has a school project when we return from break - her PBL (project based learning).  The students will be looking at what they want to be when they grow up.  She has always loved animals despite us not having any and knew right away what she wants to be and has always wanted to be:  a vet.

I have a student at school whose mom is a vet so I emailed her and asked if it was possible for us to ask her some questions and stop by to talk sometime.  I've taught both of her kids over the last eight years and knew that she did some kind of vet practice.  She explained to me more of what she does and then asked if I could bring her to her practice where she could show her around and explain more of what she does and give Riley a real inside look into the job.

This morning we went out to the North DFW Vet Surgery Center in Grapevine.  Dr. Franks is  one of the surgeons there.  She is an amazing person and really loves her job which shows.

She put us in the schedule which was really more than kind of her.  Riley wrote out a paper and titled it "Veterinarian Things."  Then put columns with titles of what she was to ask about for her PBL.  Things like "job description, what they wear as a vet, tools they use, technology they use, etc..."  Riley was quite shy and Julia was also very quiet.  I asked some of the questions and then the girls warmed up to her.

Riley made a book about vets and had written on each page about what vets do and gave it to Dr. Franks to keep.

One of the best parts was when Dr. Franks brought out fake bones to show how she adds a plate and screws into the dog bones to put them back together.  She showed Riley a hip joint with a new hip and an elbow joint with a plate.  Then explained exactly what she does to help the dogs.

We were able to tour the entire facility.  The girls saw dogs with bandages, cones on their heads, cages, the table where they do the surgeries and the Cat Scan.  There was a dog having surgery and since it was appropriate for them to see, they got to see the dog's leg completely wrapped up and the dog was covered with a large blanket.  The girls also got to see a dog in its cage who had just had an entire leg amputated yesterday because she had cancer.

Their favorite part was when they were able to pet a golden retriever.  This only happened because one of the workers there had just adopted a dog and it was in the kennel that morning.

The girls thanked Dr. Franks and Riley is still determined that she wants to be a vet.  She was very excited about the idea of helping the animals.  We did explain that Dr. Franks is a very specialized vet and that not all vets do her job.  That some just do regular check-ups and don't do surgeries.


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