I've seen so many posts and pinterest pins about families who have chosen to look at the Christmas season as more than just a time of stress, spending money, buying presents and hoping that you purchase the right ones and possibly even sadness during a time of year that is marketed to be the happiest time of the year.

Our worship leader's wife Jen started a tradition with her family last year that was really amazing.  Her blog post about it can be found here:

I read about what she did last year as her family was doing it.  My thought was "wow - that could get expensive."  Just being real.  But then I did more thinking about what we spend our money on and how there are so many things we can do that don't cost much money or that can impact someone with just a small amount.

This Sunday starts the month of December and I'm excited to see how our family can focus on Jesus, others, time together and fun events throughout the month.  Here is our first family advent:


Week One:

1 - purchase a gift for a child and deliver it to church for Frisco Family Services Holiday Gift Program
2 - Tape quarters to the pop machine at work and donate a meal for a student's lunch
3 - Buy a gift card to a restaurant and give it to a family that could use a night out
4 - Write a letter to a family member that lives far away.
5 - Bring dog food and treats to our local pet shelter
6 - Family movie night:  Watch Elf or Charlie Brown Christmas
7 - Pay for carousel rides for kids at the mall

Week Two:
8 - Make ornaments for the tree
9 - Bring a warm drink of coffee or cider with some donuts to our school crossing guard
10 - Donate to World Vision and choose an animal to give
11 - Clean out our playroom and find toys to give to others and to CCA
12 - Make Christmas Cards or notes for the girls' teachers
13 - Pay for someone's dinner at the Texas Legends Game
14 - Attend the Tarnell Christmas Party and drive around looking at Christmas lights

Week Three:
15 - Watch the Colony Firehouse Light Show
16 - Give canned goods to the local food pantry
17 - Holiday Piano Recital
18 - Leave a thank you note for our mailman
19 - Julia's holiday performance with her school
20 - Family Christmas date night at a restaurant and hand out Carousel coins
21 - Put all the newspapers onto our neighbors porches on our entire street

Week Four:
22 - Give flowers and chocolates to a close friend that had knee surgery
23 - Read the story of the first Christmas as a family
24 - Spend time with family and go to our Christmas Eve Service at church

Here's to being joy, kindness, thoughtfulness and spreading the love of Jesus through simple acts of kindness this Advent season!


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