Riley has been excelling at school.  She is reading on second grade level and making great choices at school.  Her progress report was quite a shock to me as a result.  When I opened the envelope, the first few grades made sense.  Then she got a few 'satisfactories' which didn't totally line up with how I thought she was doing, but figured that I hadn't seen some of the assignments so it was possible she was just getting by and that we needed to do some extra work at home on math in particular.

The grade that really threw me off was her 'demonstrates responsibility.'  She is one of the students that her teacher can count on to be responsible and make great choices.  However, her grade was an "N" which means she needs improvement.  I was really confused.  This didn't line up with the daily reports I'd gotten or how she behaves.

By the time Jeremy got home, I was really frustrated.  I was thinking that maybe Riley had misbehaved and we hadn't been told.  Or that she wasn't doing as well as I had thought she had.  I even told him "This report card doesn't even look like our child!"

Jeremy looked at the progress report.  Had a confused look on his face and then asked "Who is ______?" and named a student in her class.  I told him that it was a person in her class and asked why.  He said "Because we got their report card.  This isn't Riley's report card."

Turns out that we got the wrong one and that Riley's report card was glowing and excellent.  I should have been more patient in reading it and realized that it was possible it wasn't hers as it definitely didn't reflect her.  I felt hugely relieved when I was how well she was doing and so silly for ever doubting.


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