Riley's First Sewing Project

A few days ago Riley asked if I would sew something.  At the time I couldn't think of what I wanted or needed to sew.  Decided today to use some fabric that we have to make some American Girl Doll dresses.  Riley begged to sew with me.  I told her that after I finished the side seams of the dress, she could sew.  She was ecstatic!!

She cut out the teeniest pair of pants that she wanted to sew.  The stitches would have been all of an inch long so I told Riley that we'd have to make something with long stitches so she could get good practice sewing straight and it'd be easier.  She chose to make a pair of pants for her American Girl doll.  Perfect!

She chose an old shirt of mine from a pile of clothes that we will use to upcycle into other things.  She chose which way she wanted the stripes to go on the pants.  The pants are blue and white striped.  We cut my old shirt.  I did the pattern and got it ready.

Riley sewed the entire pattern herself (except for the elastic waistband - I did that part).  She loved it and insisted that she could do it herself.  I helped guide her a few times, but she pulled the pins out and guided the fabric.  She did such an amazing job.

As soon as the pants were done, they went straight onto her doll.  She really wants to do a shirt next which will work.  She can do anything she sets her mind to!


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