All I want for Christmas

Riley made a list with my dad tonight of what each person in our family would like for Christmas as well as a list of things that she wants.

Riley's list consisted of the following:
dog - the ones that aren't dusty  (My dad suggested the word hypoallergenic)
little christmas tree
giant minion (as seen on the movie "Despicable Me")

On the other side of the paper, she told my dad what each of us would like.

Me - Riley suggested jewelry.  She said that I wear jewelry all the time and that I love rings and bracelets and necklaces and earrings.  That I love jewelry.  (she did good!  I definitely wear more than I used to and enjoy the pieces I have)

Julia - stuffed animal because she's not ready for a real dog.

Jeremy - well, he likes to cook...  Riley's suggestion was that he get lightbulbs and batteries.  And some stuff to make jewelry because he really loves to make jewelry.

Can't wait to see what we end up with!  Such a great girl!


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