Night Buddy

Julia has become my nighttime buddy.  She comes into the room around 3-4am every morning.  Sometimes earlier.  She climbs on my side and says "Mommy, can I sleep with you?"  It's been hard to get up and put her in her bed because I'm sleeping so deep (thank you celexa!) so she climbs in with me.

I always tell her that I love her and she whispers it back.  Then sighs really deep.  Our heads always have to touch and she likes to put her hand on my arm.  It is very sweet.

It is truly amazing how few inches on a mattress you can take up when you make room for a preschooler.  I think I slept on all of 4-5 inches tops last night and contorted myself so that my head was off the pillow and I was curved around where she had moved.  Will be stretching out today!  Love our snuggle time.


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